What is Farms Close By?

We are a minority-owned Delaware chartered C-Corporation established to leverage the latest and best AG Tech solutions to bring locally grown food directly into communities across America.

As an idea that started in 2008, over the past years, this business idea has crystallized since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic as a necessity rather than just a good idea. 

It is the purpose of this business to drive the ideas of increased availability of organically grown food for all communities while spurring the creation of agriculture job growth in communities that have never been able to be the home of local farms.

We are seeking investors!

We are looking for investors that would like to enable our startup farm organization to tackle the Food Desert problem across America by driving small regional supply chains directly into Food Deserts by leveraging the existence of small current convenience stores, existing medium-sized box stores and by placing our micro-farm franchise units near or in Food Desert areas with a micro grocery store front-end. We are also looking to discuss with investors the possibility to use the Opportunity Zone benefits that many times are found in the Food Desert areas!

People want and deserve to have close proximity to wholesome food. We intend to satisfy that need while, at the same time, creating jobs in neighborhoods that have lost businesses and jobs because of the pandemic.

Timely Startup

Facts don't lie! The US map has become progressively more dark green as more regions become more food insecure.

Its for that reason why we decided to do things differently!

AG Tech Advances

We believe that the latest advances in AG Tech will allow us to grow massive amounts of produce in inner-city areas to make food truly local!.

Community Resolve

Communities across the country are searching for solutions to provide wholesome foods to people who have been separated from groceries, in some cases, for decades, to improve health.


These same communities that are increasingly more unhealthy because of the pandemic, also need businesses to replace businesses closed during the pandemic.