Hub Model

We will localize the food chain by providing each region with a hub operation that will grow large volumes of produce based on the food desires by the local community. But, don't make the mistake of thinking that we are going to be a typical new age farm that you heard about.

What do we mean?  Keep reading!

Our core benefits of the hub operation:


An average of within 10 miles from our franchise units.

Low Carbon Footprint

By using technology such as Anaerobic Digestion, Combined Heat to Power, and Electric Vehicles we intend to maintain a very small Carbon Footprint.


We will work to spur the creation of agriculture employment in urban settings for people of diverse community.

Ghost Kitchen

Each hub operation will operate a ghost kitchen to support our Micro-Grocery Store / Micro-Farms with fresh whole prepared food.

Employee Enrichment

We will conduct employ enrichment programs to teach our partners about pernal money management, and other life skills components to make sure that they are both successful on the job, but also in their personal lives.

FREE Daycare

Long before the COVID-19 Pandemic, we made the commitment to build a daycare facility at every hub facility.  We believe that this will both greatly enhance employee experiences as well as stabilize our workforce.

Our First Hub

We are intending to build our first hub operation in the Pittsburgh, PA region. The hub will serve as our corporate headquarters as well as a standard for the other future hub operations. The operations will consist of two phases.

Phase 1 - Indoor Growing Systems

The first phase will involve the construction of a warehouse structure to enclose growing systems for leafy green, lettuce shrimp and salmon.  The warehouse will also enclose packaging equipment coolers and loading docks. A separate building will also provide free daycare services for our employees.

Leafy Greens and Lettuce

We will grow 500,000 lbs per year

Estimated revenue -
$4 million


We will grow 3.9 million lbs per year

Estimated revenue - 
$11 million


We will grow 2 million lbs. per year.

Estimated revenue - 
$8 million

Phase 2 - Greenhouse Growing Systems

The second phase will involve the construction of two 4-acre greenhouses. The organic waste from these greenhouses will enable us to generate our own liquid fertilizer for both the hub and the franchise satellite farms, so that we cn maintain lower operation costs and operate a sustainable farm.


We will grow 2 million lbs per year

Estimated revenue -
$4 million


We will grow 1.2 million lbs per year

Estimated revenue - 
$2.8 million