Franchise Model

For the first time in America, every area of the country will have locally grown food that will be grown year-round and provide new types of jobs usually only found in rural areas!

Our microfarm franchise units will surround region hubs and allow us to reverse the negative effects of food deserts, and improve the health of everyone across America.

Because food deserts are locations without easy access to fresh, healthy, and affordable foods, food consumed there is often high in cholesterol, sugar, and fat.

We will work to increase Minorities, Women, and Veterans in agriculture be become franchise owners!

Our core franchise operation benefits are:


Within blocks of neighborhood residents.

People will know their Farmer

Do you know your farmer? Does your farmer know you? Most people are going to answer 'No' to both of those questions. By our farmer getting to be a neighbor, they will grow both what the neighborhood needs to be healthier and the neighborhood will have a trusted ally to help build back community coming out of our pandemic!

Battle Food Deserts

Our franchise owners will work to combat food deserts by:

- Placing coolers into Convenience Store to sell fresh produce

- Operate Microgrocery Stores attached to their farms

- Provide home delivery

- Collaborate with existing grocery store to arrange for shared space to include rooftop growing arrangements when possible.

- And, there's even MORE!

Grocery Stores with Farms Attached

We will advance the idea of a hyper-local food supply chain by either placing our farms in close approximity to grocery stores or build grocery stores with microfarms attached.  

Franchises will use Green Delivery Methods

We will use both electric and natural gas delivery vehicles. With the help of these two suppliers we will provide efficient delivery at low cost while meeting our commit to Green solutions.

Electric Scooters for city settings

We intend to use URB-E as our source of electric scooters. We will establish a compact container delivery network for each franchise designed specifically for their territory. 

Hydrogen Trucks for heavy duty hauling

We intend to use generate our own hydrogen, compress it and use it to propel our delivery fleet. This will allow us to operate a "green" fleet in our mid-range and long-range delivery with zero emissions.

URB-E Electric Scooters for Short Haul Deliveries

Hydrogen Delivery Vans and Trucks

Retail Store AI

We will use Focal’s AI with their shelf cameras to digitize our sales-floor, backroom, and top-stock areas. By using Focal we will be able to scan our shelves on a constant basis to determine inventory status without human interaction.

By monitoring our shelves 24/7/365 with enterprise-grade, cost effective AI-powered cameras, we will afford ourselves accurate and actionable information that will give our franchise operators the way to realize cost effective operations.

Use of Advanced POS Systems

We will use the NCR Corporation as our Point of Sale (POS) vender because of their cutting edge approach to grocery technology that promotes their customers to leverage the use of technology as a way to get to both know their customer better and to deliver changes in customer demands in a streamlined and efficient manner.

We intend to untilizes self-checkout in our stores, not just because it is desired more each day by grocery customers, but, also because it will allow us to gain a clearer understanding of exactly what our customers want from their local grocery store.

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